Coach 5000

Learn to run 5 kilometers in 45 days with this proven app for your Apple watch - no need to carry your phone along

Scan the code or click on it on your iPhone to download

Before Running

Running can be hard on your joints especially if you are overweight. Make sure to wear good shock-absorbing shoes especially if you are a beginner. If you experience any lasting pain after training please consult your physician.

How it works

The app will take you through a proven interval training program starting with a light walking and running routine and ending with running the full 5 kilometers. There is a new routine for every 3rd day and the app will keep track on when you need to train next time. It will also keep track of how fast you walk and run so that you know how long your exercise route need to be.

During training a voice will update you on what to do. In the beginning these updates will happen every 30 seconds, but as the intervals get longer they will become fewer. The updates will tell you how much time is left of running or walking allowing you to pace yourself.

The updates will play either in the watch speaker or in headphones if they are connected to your watch. Your exercise will be saved in the fitness app on your phone. It is possible to disable the voice prompts in the settings menu if you grow tired of them.

Too easy ?

It is possible to skip training passes if you find them too easy - for example if you already have a bit of experience running. Go into the settings menu and choose skip - one day at a time.

Too hard ?

You should be able to follow the training progression without more breaks than what the app prescribes. If you have a day where you either have to bail out or can't follow the coaching, delete that day in the settings menu and try again. Your training will still be logged in the fitness app.

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